1. This is an agreement between you, the purchaser and licensee, and Abstract Office, the supplier. By purchasing, or downloading, or installing, or using, or otherwise handling the digital typeface softwares (hereafter “fonts” or “font software”) supplied by Abstract Office, you accept the terms of this agreement. In accepting the terms of this agreement, you acknowledge understanding and complying with its terms. This agreement replaces and supersedes any previously made oral or written proposal or agreement between you and Abstract Office.

2. You are purchasing a certain amount of licenses to use fonts on a certain number of devices within your organization. You are not purchasing the copyright to the design or any other part of the fonts, but the rights to use the fonts as specified in this agreement.

3. Re-selling, lending or hiring of Abstract Office font software in any form is strictly prohibited.

4. Any breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement terminates your license to use the fonts. After any termination of the agreement you must destroy any copies of the fonts, including archival copies.

5. Any and all rights not expressly granted in this agreement are reserved to Abstract Office.

6. The font intended for desktop use (hereafter “desktop font”) is provided in the OpenType (OTF) format. You may embed the desktop font in documents using the Portable Document Format (PDF), Post Script (PS), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) formats, or any format in which the font is secured against unlicensed third party use.

7. The desktop font may be installed and used on ONE computer. You can make archival copies of the desktop font on an additional computer or hard drive for the purpose of backing up the font. The desktop font may not be stored or used in any manner that makes it accessible to the public or third parties, with the exceptions provided in (8) below. You may install the desktop font on more computing devices by purchasing additional licenses or upgrading your current license. 

8. You may provide a copy of the desktop font software to a commercial printer, service bureau or other pre-press facility for the purposes of preparing documents for print within the scope of a defined project.

9. You are permitted to use the desktop font for broadcasting purposes, provided that you purchase a license covering any computer onto which the fonts are installed, including those accessible by a server.

10. The fonts intended for embedding in a website (hereafter “web fonts”) are provided in the TrueType (TTF) Woff (WOFF) and Woff2 (WOFF2) formats. 

11. You may embed the web fonts in ONE website domain with up to 100,000 page views per month. The fonts must be stored on the same server as the other softwares and assets associated with the licensed domains. Page views per month is the number of views of all pages on a singular website (encompassing all sub-domains). You are authorized to embed the web font in a secured read-only mode. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the fonts are secure against unauthorized use by any third party. If the website should exceed this, you may increase your embedding allowance by purchasing additional licenses or upgrading your current license.

12. You may embed the fonts in ONE mobile application (hereafter “app”) and ONE electronic publication. Your license allows you to install the fonts that are to be embedded on ONE computer, with the exceptions provided in (13) below. You may add more computing devices or embedding allowances by purchasing additional licenses or upgrading your current license.

13. You may, for a defined period of time, provide a copy of the fonts for embedding as outlined in (11) and (12) above to the company coding a website or an app as provided for under the terms of this license. Once the job is completed, the font software shall be deleted from the company’s computers.

14. You may not modify, convert, adapt, decompile, or otherwise reverse engineer or create derivative works of the fonts without the written consent of Abstract Office.

15. Abstract Office will, at its sole discretion, either replace the font software or refund the License fee in the event the font software does not perform substantially in accordance with the documentation provided that any such claim is submitted within thirty (30) days of purchase of this License. 

16. You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the font software is at your sole risk. The font software and related documentation are provided “AS IS” and, except as noted herein, is without warranty of any kind. Abstract Office hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Abstract office does not represent or warrant that the operation of the font software will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the font software is without defects. The font software is not fault-tolerant and is not intended and was not designed or manufactured for use in any circumstances where fail-safe operation may be required. The font software may not be used in manufacturing, navigation, and process control equipment or in any other circumstances where the use or failure of the font software could lead to death, personal injury, property damage or severe physical or environmental damage. Under no circumstances shall Abstract Office be liable to you or any other party, whether in contract or tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any special, consequential, or incidental damages, including lost profits, savings or business interruption as a result of the use of the font software even if notified in advance of such possibility. In no event shall any liability of Abstract Office exceed the purchase price of the License to the font software or replacement of the font software, either at Abstract Office’s sole discretion.

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